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Helicopter Maneuvers

Just as most airplane pilots are taught a certain set of maneuvers, most of which are required by the FAA Practical Test Standards, helicopter pilots have a set of maneuvers they are taught. These are broken down into normal and emergency maneuvers in this section.

Standard disclaimer: You should realize that these descriptions are not a replacement for flight instruction. If you read these, try to fly a helicopter, and crash, don't blame me. Each manufacturer recommends different methods to deal with normal and emergency situations. These descriptions are generic, and do not apply to all aircraft.

Normal Procedures

These are procedures which are used on almost any flight:

Emergency Procedures

These are general procedures dealing with emergency situations. Every helicopter is different, and the pilot needs to understand the exact emergency method recommended by the helicopter manufacturer in the appropriate POH. These descriptions are meant to deal with emergencies in a generic way and should not be used in a particular model of helicopter.
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