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Bell 407

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Helicopter Association International's HeliExpo 98

Last year (1997), my friend Anne attended HeliExpo in Anaheim, California. After the show was over, I flew out and helped her bring her Robinson R22 back to Boston.

This year, I was working for Northstar Technologies, and I was sent out to work in the booth at HeliExpo, demonstrating our IFR Approach Certified GPS. I took a few pictures of the show while I was there...

The show occupied 4 halls of the Anaheim Convention Center:

This is an MD Explorer on top of this booth. They used a crane to put it up there. As you know, Boeing bought McDonnel Douglas Aircraft, which developed the Explorer, but Boeing didn't want the civilian part of that business, so Bell bought the NOTAR line of helicopters from Boeing. However, last thing I read is that Bell thinks that the Explorer competes with the 427 they have been developing, so I don't know what the future of the Explorer is...

Bell and Boeing partnered in the development of the military V22 tiltrotor. Now Bell is developing the civilian 109 tiltrotor on their own. This mock-up was on display.

Part Two -- lots of Bell helicopter pictures...

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