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Day Six

New Orleans, Louisiana to New Orleans, Louisiana

We wake up the next day, and we realize we need to get the oil changed. Since the helicopter engine is new and just breaking in, it's recommended to change the oil at 25 hours. Well, it's been 23.7 hours of flying so far, so it's time to do something about it. Besides, the weather toward Atlanta, our next destination, stinks, so we figure that it may improve as the day goes on. Anyway, we pack all our stuff into the helicopter and fly over to a local airport to get the oil changed.

The mechanics change the oil and check a couple other things for us. However, by the time they finish half the day is gone, and the weather hasn't really improved much. I beg for another night of Mardi Gras, and we decide to stay a second night at New Orleans.

We take off to go back to the main airport, and I snap this picture of the airport where we had the oil changed. We checked back into the Hilton and another night of partying was had by all :-)

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